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The Late Show 

Join Daniel Maidment as he entertains the nation with his wit and humor on Monday nights, with a little bit of everything in the world of Music, news and laughter.

All Time Favourite 3 gives you, the listeners a chance for the HRB world to hear your all time favourite songs, simply CLICK HERE and send your favourite 3 songs of all time into me, and you could be the featured top 3 of the week, make sure you put the subject as "All Time Favourite 3" and let us know why/what the songs mean to you!

The Mystery Song! is a fun and interactive game where all you have to do is try and guess what song is being played, there's a catch! You will only hear a short snippet of a song, so can you guess... The Mystery Song!

Name The TV Theme Tune! is an interactive play along game where all you have to do with your handy pen and paper, is guess what TV program the on air piece of music is, simple! Can you beat the studio team to victory? 

All that and more from Dan's Monday Late Show!

Daniel Maidment
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