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15:00 : Thrills From Three with Brian Mentor

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Late Night Laughs 

If you can't sleep Join Kev K and Tommo for two hours of fun, laughter and music!!! 

They have your "Did you know? Tennis",  Mash up Moment & Comedy sketches and the latest adventures of Patrick O'Doors and Norbert Yeahburt, but always making time to talk to the listeners. 

Join in with the laughs, call 01202 303 887  or text 66777 (start your message with HRB)

Or contact us for FREE via your hospidia unit. Just Lift your handset and if you are at Poole hospital dial *800 and if you are at The Royal Bournemouth lift your handset and wait a few moments....... then push the blue button marked Hospital Radio and that will also get you through to the studio for FREE!!!!

Why not Join The Kev K & Tomo Facebook fan page???!!!!

Just go to facebook and search for Kev K & Tomo.....

  • Late Night Laughs
Late Night Laughs
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