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Jimmy Ross 

Jimmy Ross was the first baby to be born in England in 1945 (it's true!). The press wanted to put his baby photo in the paper, but his parents had not decided on a name. Being pressurised, his Mum came up with the name of her favourite film star James Stewart. His dad had to agree, it had already gone to press when his Dad managed to visit - remember it was the war years!

Jimmy first started in Hospital Radio at Hammersmith Hospital in 1968 and is still trying to get the hang of it today! 

His hobbies include holidaying, trecking through the countryside, painting, photography, sailing, restoring a Morris Minor, and recently built a summerhouse to be used as an art studio.
If you are getting Jimmy a takeaway please avoid curry or any spicy food. In fact you would be best off providing him with chocolate - never a day goes by without a nibble!!

Now that Jimmy has managed to retire, he has started to find the time to travel a bit, and spent three months in New Zealand and Australia. There are plenty of other places to visit, which he did not find time to do when he was at work.

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Jimmy Ross
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