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Valery Hollier 

Val joined HRB in 2012 after seeing HRB outside broadcast van at Hillview during the Queens Jubilee, she asked the Members of HRB on the van do you ever need any volunteers?Reply was Are you volunteering  Val replied  suppose I am   and that was the beginning for the next chapter in her life, joining  HRB.   She has been in RBH on several occasions as a patient and obviously listened in to HRB, but never once dreamed that she would be working for them. Val is now a presenter with HRB, presenting the Tuesday request show and her own show on a Thursday evening.    Her musical tastes are varied but is a keen fan of Charlie Landsborough having met him on numerous occasions and had her photograph taken with him many,   many times    -  also she is a Friend of The Bournemouth Male Voice Choir.

Other interests that Val has is the support of the Veterans of Dunkirk - Bournemouth and Poole Branch of which Val is Secretary and Welfare Officer.   Once a year the [about September time] the Veterans make their way to Thames Motor Yacht Club where there is a short Prayer and Blessing and then the Veterans and their Carer's are taken to their appointed DUNKIRK LITTLE SHIP, and they head off on the Thames going though various locks and arrive at Weybridge Mariners Club where Member's of the Club look after the Veterans have a meal and singing of the 1940's.  Member's of the club dress in the Attire of the 1940's.         Also every 5 years Val goes with her Veterans  and Carers and Association Members to Dunkirk to Commemorate the Events of Operation Dynamo, this is always a very humbling experience for 5 days to be there and hear the stories of other Dunkirk Veterans.

Countries she has visited is Holland, Croatia, Italy (Sorrento) and also France   she continues to learn the French Language in French lessons each week, don't think she will ever be fluent, but perseveres in a friendly group on a Monday morning  bien sur!!!  (of course)   

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Valery Hollier
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