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Charity - 2000s 

The 2000s 

The dawn of a new millenium means that Hospital Radio Bedside had to work harder and harder to keep up with the times. As more and more technology becomes readily available, so we are adapting our service to make sure we continue to provide the best service possible.

Hospital Radio Bedside

As part of this, we launched our website in January 2002. With the provision of email addresses and a new website address, we soon attracted sponsorship from who are still providing us with fantastic broadband access at our studio complex.

As the end of the decade approached, the studio equipment was starting to show its age as it was nearly 20 years old. So we set out on a fund raising mission again and struck lucky with money from the Lottery Fund and a local Trust.

This enabled us to completely overhaul both on-air studios, with new computes, CD Players and mixing desks.


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