A New Sound for HRB

Saturday 29th December 2018

19th January 2019

After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, it's finally here! Hospital Radio Bedside has a new sound, and we're launching it at 8.30pm on Saturday 19th January 2019.

A team of volunteers came together last year to plan and design a new jingle package. And if you're not sure what jingles are, they're the funky bits that sit in between the music and give a radio station its sound branding.

Huge thanks go to Andy Marlor and his team of jingle geeks: Geoff Cummings, Tom James, Kev Kirby, Dan Maidment, and Julian Singh.

Over the years, we've mostly created our jingles in-house but the association last year took the decision to use its professional contacts...

The big question is: was it worth it? With our new sound launching soon, you can judge for yourself!

Station Manager, Mark Venus, says "As part of our new sound, we'll also be running a series of health awareness messages. We know that many of our listeners, despite being in hospital themselves, may not get full access to all the 'stay healthy' information that the NHS provides. We hope our regular health awareness messages will provide our listeners with important information on vaccinations, helping to stop smoking, and healthy eating, to name just a few."

So, tune in and join us for the new sound of HRB - Saturday 19th January at 8.30pm.

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