The Three O’Clock Thrill

Thursday 7th November 2019 | 15:00 - 17:00

Its All About The Music.

Your Music, Your Station

This is HRB

Behind the mic

Meet the voice

Brian Mentor

Brian is mad …….. Mad about radio! He says his first memories of the “wireless” as a child was hearing his name mentioned on the BBCs Children's Favourite’s request programme in the 1950s. His grandmother had written in to Uncle Mac to have a request played for him. He also enjoyed “Listen With Mother" and Children’s Hour on the BBC Home Service. Later he discovered the delights of pop music and “The Great 208” Radio Luxembourg with a signal that faded in and out, which just added to the excitement of listening to a station hundreds of miles away. When Brian tuned in one day to hear a brand new station broadcasting from a ship in the North Sea, he thought he had arrived in heaven. No more listening to the BBCs meagre pop offerings and the constant fading of Radio Luxembourg. This was rock solid pop music live from The North Sea on 199 metres in the medium wave band. Radio Caroline had arrived! Quickly to be followed by the likes of Big L Radio London, and Radio City. This was a big deal as the popularity of these stations brought about Radio 1 and new commercial stations such as Capital Radio and 2CR in Bournemouth.

To some extent this also paved the way for hospital radio stations such as HRB.

Besides the radio and music his other main interest is photography and real ale!

Brian says that one of his favourite activities as an HRB volunteer is visiting wards, chatting to patients and collecting their requests. Brian is part of the Personnel team and also presents the Thursday afternoon show "Thrills From Three"

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