The Nearly Mid Week Breakfast................. A Bowl Of Muesli

Tuesday 3rd December 2019 | 07:00 - 09:00

Light hearted chat, competitions, News Headlines, Fun and great music!!!!!!.

Music played

What was that song?

Behind the mic

Meet the voices

Ian Gough

Ian enjoys a laugh and can find the funny side in most things. He loves radio and has been a radio presenter for a number of years with a local community radio station and has now come to join us at HRB. Most embarrassing radio moment was when he forgot to close the Mic and announced that he was going to the loo! He would most like to interview Kylie Minogue cos she is gorgeous! He is not sure if she was sat with him if he could actually ask any questions lol! Favourite food, anything as long as it is sweet, stoggy, chocolatey, gooey........think you have the picture Lol. He is married to Jan and has two grown-up children Hannah and Matthew.

He is looking forward to getting started at HRB sharing his bad jokes and fun with the listeners.

Ronald O'Kill

Ronald is retired and has recently had a sailing adventure on the Atlantic Ocean.

Ronald likes photography and gardening

His favourite music includes the Beach Boys and Caribbean.

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