Sunday Request Show

Sunday 22nd November 2020 | 19:00 - 20:30

90 mins of requests for a Sunday afternoon.

Your Music, Your Station

This is HRB

"You're the Voice"

- John Farnham -

Behind the mic

Meet the voices

Adrian Boyd

Adrian became an HRB volunteer in 2009 and loves every minute of his involvement. He organises our request collecting across bot hospitals and presents the Sunday Request Show along with the childrens request show, iKidz, which helps to put a smile on the younger patients faces.

Terry Drewett

Terry re-joined HRB in 2013 having previously been a volunteer between 1982 and '92. He really values his regular visits to the wards to cheer up the patients. Terry has recently retired and in the past has volunteered as a paramedic, for search and rescue and as a Police Special. Terry currently co-presents our Sunday Request Show and Wednesday Ikidz Show.

Karen Wye

Karen has an eclectic taste in music and in chocolate biscuits.

She has previously presented shows on an internet radio station and is registered as partially sighted.

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