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Ward Contact Details 

 Ward 1704495  Ward 23704086
 Ward 2704711  Ward 24704089
 Ward 3704714  Ward 25704079
 Ward 4704757  Ward 26704082
 Ward 5704899  Ward 27704003
 Ward 10704775  Ward 28704006
 Ward 11704776  Acute Admissions Unit704021
 Ward 12704770  Coronary Care Unit704518
 Ward 14704769  High Dependancy Unit704063
 Ward 15704719  Intensive Therapy Unit704055
 Ward 16704721  Maternity Unit704685
 Ward 17704676  Urology Unit704934
 Ward 21704072  Women's Health Unit704675
 Ward 22704075  Switchboard303626
 Ward G1705218  Ward G2705448
 Ward H1705209  Ward H2705214
 Ward H3705248  Ward J705351
 Ward K705297  Ward M705293
 Dermatology Unit705285  Forest Dene Unit705356
 MacMillan Unit705291  Switchboard486361
 Ward AG Ansty448481  Ward A3 Ashley448341
 Ward A4 Arne442284  Ward A5 Avonbourne442418
 Ward B2 Kingston Lacey442542  Ward B3448131
 Ward B4 (Male)442412  Ward B4 (Female)448186
 Ward B5 Badbury (Male)448033  Ward B5 Badbury (Female)442415
 Ward C1 Cedarwood448378  Ward C2 Cerne442276
 Ward C3 Cranborne448401  Ward D1 Portland448032
 Ward E1 Elmwood442383  Ward E2 Critchel (Day Case Unit)442490
 Ward E3 Evershot448417  Coronary Care442377
 High Dependency Unit448590  Intensive Care412495
 Philip Arnold Unit  Maternity Unit
 Brownsea Ward442941  Ante-Natal Clinic442327
 Durlston Ward442288  Ante-Natal Ward442336
 Furzey Ward442946  Post Natal 1442519
 Kimmeridge Ward448292  Post Natal 2442310
 Longfleet Ward442921  Neonatal Unit442330
 Lulworth Ward448296  Delivery Suite442308
 Rockley Ward442926  
 Tyneham Ward442390  Switchboard665511
 Cuthbury Ward858211  Hanham Ward858218
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