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Membership of Hospital Radio Bedside is purely on a voluntary basis and we are always looking for more people to join. It's just possible that you could be our newest provisional member! There are various stages of membership but everyone starts as a provisional.

So what are we looking for? Our minimum age for membership is 18 and we have many volunteers from every age group. Volunteers can take on a variety of jobs and we are not looking for people to fill one particular job. In fact, the best volunteers are those who can multi-task!

And what can we give back? Being part of Hospital Radio Bedside is rewarding in many ways - our contact with the patients leaves us in no doubt as to the worth of the service we provide and working in a busy radio environment is fantastically stimulating, whether you are on air or behind-the-scenes.

And what else? Away from the studios and hospitals, the social life is always good fun so, if you fancy something completely different and think you have something to offer, why not find out more?


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