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19:00 : Friday Pick 'n Mix with Veronica Ryder
20:00 : The Request Show with John Savage

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On Air - Schedule 


Hospital Radio Bedside has a schedule which, we hope, offers something to everyone.

Head of Programmes and Head of Music, and , work hard to ensure the right balance of music and chat, classical and pop ... as well as everything in between!

You can browse our schedule in three different ways:

If you know someone in one of our five local hospitals, make sure you visit the print & take section, where you can easily print any part of our schedule for the remainder of this week as well as the next three weeks. We hope you will then take this to your friend or relative and encourage them to listen to what we have to offer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Alternatively, if you'd like to get involved in our programming and scheduling departments, why not consider applying for membership of Hospital Radio Bedside? We are always looking for volunteers to get involved in all aspects of our busy organisation, so make sure you fill in our online application form now...

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